Our People & Key Values

At Island City Baking, our key commitment is to the very best in Quality, Service and Selection.

We believe our products are the tastiest and most aromatic breads in the industry as they meet the highest level of quality.

Our teams of bakers continuously search for new Artisan produced breads that please our customers and make us proud.

We bake fresh everyday.

We feel that work is more than a place to go every day.

At Island City Baking, we believe that work should be an environment for creation, teamwork and fun. It's about finding solutions and a better way to get things done.

We strive to motivate and inspire our teams towards excellence everyday. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that we have created the ultimate work environment that promotes success.

We want people to take pride in their work as well as feeling proud about the company they work for.

We are committed to doing business with people and companies that maintain the highest standards of quality, values and excellence as we do.

Island City Baking is located in a newly built 50,000 square foot state of the art facility with the latest in high end Artisan style baking equipment.

We believe that a commitment to excellence in the workplace inspires the highest standards in Artisan Bread making.